We help companies reduce their CO2 footprint when purchasing wine

Part of the House of Winemakers wines are presented by the winemakers themselves.

It doesn’t get more authentic.

Meet e.g. Madame Claude by scanning the QR code

1. Authenticity

Premium wines directly from the winemaker

In the House of Winemakers community, winemakers are the heroes, creating authentic wine with lots of history and passion.

Perfect for the Friday bar, company events and when the company gives gifts to employees, customers and business partners.

We have digitized the wine label

The winemaker has put a lot of time and passion into creating unique wines. Often through generations. That story needs to be told.

Some of House of Winemaker’s wines therefore have the winemaker himself or herself on the front with eye contact, signature and QR code, where the winemaker himself or herself presents his or her family history and each individual wine.

2. Sustainability

Wine bottles are an environmental enemy.

Reduce the CO2 impact with at least 70%

Habits are difficult to change, but when exactly the same wine in the glass can be enjoyed with much greater respect for the environment, it is obvious to change behavior.

An empty wine bottle weighs 600 – 900 grams. Some even more. A can weighs 12 grams. Three cans of 0.25L wine, equivalent to a wine bottle, weigh 36 grams. The same advantages have cubes.

Significantly lower weight and size makes cans and cubes much more environmentally friendly to transport and handle than glass bottles.

The numbers in the graph make the decision easy for companies with a CSR strategy.

3. Community

House of Winemakers is an attractive community for companies, employees and individuals who want to be part of the shift from bottles to sustainable formats.

Examples of member advantages

  • Earn points that can be used for the purchase of wine and accessories.
  • Multiple membership levels provide access to better prices.
  • Access to particularly exciting wines that are often only available in limited quantities.
  • Help in choosing the wine range for the company from oenologist and winemakers.
  • Option for wine tastings locally or on webinar where winemakers are present and inspire.
  • Log-in code or digital membership card makes it easy to order wines individually or in boxes with mixed wines online  at agreed prices. Both for the company and the employees.
  • Option to buy fridges, glasses, carafes, gift boxes – possibly with your own logo etc.