Invitation to invest

- in the green transformation of the wine industry

Swiss Beverage Group develops and operates the wine community House of Winemakers where the members share the passion to increase sustainability in the wine industry.

At House of Winemakers, winemakers can communicate and sell their premium wines in sustainable formats.

Members of the House of Winemakers are companies that want to buy wine for events and corporate gifts as directly, efficiently and sustainably as possible.

We are now looking for partnerships with investors who want to help modernize the wine industry.

Canned wines, the new format that breaks all the rules

Canned Wines Market Size is projected to reach USD 725.48 million by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 13%.

The global canned wines market size was valued at USD 241.50 million in 2021 and is projected to reach USD 725.48 million by 2030 at a CAGR of 13% from 2022 to 2030.

Europe dominates the canned wines market as wine is the secondmost preferred alcoholic beverage in the region.

Proximity between winemaker and wine lover

House of Winemakes makes it easy for members to create relationships with authentic and respected winemakers who want to promote their premium wines in sustainable formats.

Documented sustainable results

Swiss Beverage Group document the total realized CO2 savings compared to glass bottles for community members individually and collectively.

The business opportunity

Green Winemakers

There is hardly any quality canned wine on the market. This despite the many obvious advantages of the format.

For companies with a CSR strategy, this is a problem because it forces them to buy wines in glass bottles, which burden the environment 70% more than the same wine in cans does.

With the House of Winemakers association, Swiss Beverage Group wants to strengthen the closeness between the winemakers and companies that purchase premium wines for their events and for corporate gifts for customers and employees.

Companies that want to taste the wines before they buy just order samples and we’ll send a can. We can do that without VAT and wine taxes. If they would like to hear the winegrower himself present his wine, he og she is only a few mouse clicks away.

House of Winemakers has digitized customs processing and customs payments across European borders, which will significantly reduce the need for expensive forwarders.

Invitation to invest

In the first quarter of 2023, we are seeking €150,000 in a pre-seed round.

The next round will be a seed round that will be conducted in Q2/Q3 of €300,000.

Use of proceeds

  • Enter into contracts with already selected suppliers in order to ensure efficient procurement, production and delivery of products in high quality.
  • Introduce the first eight premium canned wines to sell them to businesses in Spain, Sweden and Denmark as the first test markets.
  • Implement a digital community with a built-in brand shop that makes it easy for companies and employees to purchase and manage orders.
  • Build processes for a fully digitized sales team that purposefully sells to companies, but a large proportion of the remuneration is performance pay.
  • Enter into agreements with the customs authorities in the three test markets to document the ability to fully legally supply wine to companies and their employees including paid wine taxes and other reporting to authorities.
  • Prepare the seed round to close in Q3/Q4 2023. The goal of the seed round is to optimize the product range, the IT platform and expand to several European markets.

Current ownership

Join our journey

Disruption almost never happens within an industry. There are too many financial interests to protect.

Innovation happens when new needs arise and there is freedom to do the right things right without having to protect, degrade or defend. Just focus on the possibility of the better.


Torben Aagaard


Swiss Beverage Group will create value where the wine bottle can easily and with lots of real benefits be replaced with a sustainable alternative.

Invest in the potential of the joy of craftsmanship in beverages with a good environmental conscience.

We have a strong concept and product but are looking for investors who can help realize the full potential.

If it might be you, please contact us.