Winery: Ca’n Novell
Country: Spain
Area: Mallorca

Andreu is not much for international competitions. He is dedicated to his own local environment where people’s smiles are reward enough. But if they could, they would raise a statue of him.

Ca'n Novell

Ca’n Novell is a family winery started as early as 1932. Andreu, 47, is the fourth generation of winemakers protecting the craft and tradition – but also challenging the conventions, growing grape varieties not usually found in the Balearic Islands. At Ca’n Novell most wines are kept in big oak barriques and olive barrels. And we are lucky to have the best of them.


The warm weather in the Balearic Islands and almost 300 sunny days a year provide an ideal climate to grow remarkable wines. Winemaker Andreu is from the biggest of the Balearic Islands, Mallorca. And in the middle of the island, you can discover impressive and very aromatic wines, as the mountains protect the vineyards, keeping them cool at night.