Our why & how

We help companies meet their CSR objectives.

Companies across Europe work purposefully to make their respective contribution to reducing the CO2 footprint. For many companies, the goal is at least to become climate neutral.

Companies buy wine for events, the Friday bar and gifts for customers and employees. They also enter into procurement agreements that give employees private procurement benefits.

However, the requirement in general is that it must be easy for the companies to manage the agreements and the deliveries. In relation to documentation of CO2 savings, it is a requirement to be able to document the reduction of CO2 as a consequence of the actions they have taken.


We say no thanks to factory wine without soul and respect for craftsmanship. 

When we ask the market, 79% want to know from which country and region the wine originates, the grapes used and the name of the winemaker.

Sustainability and convenience

Good wine is generally only available in 75cl glass bottles. The bottles weigh the same as the wine or more and are impractical and bad for the environment in many ways.

Our market research shows that a good 79% prefer smaller formats than a wine bottle when the need is only one or two glasses. Only 16% cannot imagine situations in which a bottle is not optimal.

74% respond that when the occasion is to drink wine on the beach, on the boat, on a picnic, by the pool or at festivals, they prefer cans rather than bottles. Only 17% prefer glass bottles in these situations as well, if possible.

Community and accessibility

When we ask the market, 59% say they prefer to buy their wines directly from the winemakers. This is far more than is the case today, where supermarkets account for the majority of sales.

This suggests that if it were easier to obtain knowledge about the wines and at the same time it would be easier to buy them directly, many more people would do this.

This is how we are going to meet the demand

Swiss Beverage Group offers companies a fully digitized solution for purchasing wine in sustainable formats.

It is practiced via a log-in in the House of Winemakers community. Here, the agreed wines can be ordered at the agreed prices. This is also where companies can follow the CO2 calculations.

In the House of Winemakers community, there will be access to knowledge of the winemakers and their wines. Inspiration and learning about wine and sustainability will also be available.

The wines will be able to be delivered to the door across borders in the EU, Norway, Switzerland and the UK with all customs clearance cleared.